Smoke choreographing?

What about training the smoke? It’s hard if you can’t catch it. But if the smoke has no place to go other than the structure that you give it will it bend? Like the bonsai cats? I know they’re not real, but that concept of putting a small cat in a container, thus it grows the shape of it’s confines? 

What if training it is a bad idea? In the way that trying to grab steam only condenses it? It changes it. Can I somehow replicate the environment it’s created in to hold it? Ice holding ice won’t melt it. 

I mean - and this is a complete tangent - if you aren’t convinced that something’s achingly worthwhile in those moments where you can’t fully see it, then how can you keep going when it’s hard. I feel like there is something real here. It’s like searching through the ground without a metal detector trying to find treasure.

And I have a lot of thoughts which have popped up, like gemstones surfacing, but I feel like I need to start a cataloguing or an enforcement of structure, get see what’s there and what’s missing. I suppose this can be a place for that, so long as I can add some diagrams…